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Satay Inn Pineapple Tart

Best Choice of Souvenirs - Satay Inn “Ong Lai” Pineapple Tarts

Handcrafted with buttery pastry enveloping slow-simmered pineapple jam, "Ong Lai Tart" from Satay Inn has returned to Royal Pacific Hotel, with 15% off limited-time offer.

"Ong Lai" in the Hokkien dialect means "fortune comes" and the Hokkiens are particularly fond of the naturally golden pineapple which is seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Let's send the blessings to your family and friends!
15% Off Limited Time Offer :
Original price: HK$138 
Special price: HK$117.3 
Valid from

01-01-2024 to 31-12-2024

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