3-course Dinner Set for HK$238 at Pierside Bar & Restaurant

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(Hong Kong, 19 August 2016) Pierside Bar & Restaurant has been renowned for our modern Australian cuisine which showcases the taste, texture and versatility of native ingredients from Down Under. This year, we will present our contemporary Australian culinary delights with a special "3-Course Dinner Set" - featuring awe-inspiring dishes with a modern twist, made with the freshest ingredients by our chef.

Enjoy a 3-course dinner cooked from the freshest ingredients at $238 (available throughout the week). Tease your taste-buds with the soup filled with rich flavor of sweet corn, or a delightfully refreshing Caesar salad; followed by our main course featuring our Chef's innovative culinary ideas, with pasta and risotto dishes that showcase the intensity of Australian ingredients, the highest quality halibut as well as striploin steak from Australia that will indeed impress the gourmet diner. Perfect way to end the evening with 2 selections of mouth-watering desserts. 

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3-Course Menu:
Starter (Choose one from two)

Sweet corn Bisque Served with Crispy Popcorn Made with the best home-grown sweet kernel from Australia, distinctively golden and rich in flavor. An entire cob of corn goes into every bowl and served with crispy popcorn to give you an extra edge in texture that excites the palate.


Classic Caesar Salad with Air-cured HamFeaturing capers, anchovies and eggs from Australia, and served with home-made salad dressing that gives this classic salad a tangy kick.

Main Course (Choose one from four)

Linguine with King Prawns, Fennel and Scallion with Creamy Seafood Sauce-Australia, with over 60,000 miles of coastline is surrounded by fresh seafood. Our chef has chosen the freshest king prawns for this pasta, which is served with a homemade creamy seafood sauce cooked with 8 types of seafood (including prawns, mussels, white fish, scallops, crabs and shell fish) for 8 hours. Topped with fennel to give the entire dish a unique contrasting texture.

Black Truffle Risotto with Wild Mushrooms-France and Italy are famous for their truffles, but Australia is also on the verge of a truffle boom. Our chef combines exotic black truffle oil with a selection of wild mushrooms from Australia, including king trumpet mushrooms, marmoreal mushrooms and Chanterelle. With the final touch of Parmesan cheese which brings a rich flavouring to this risotto dish. Perfect option for vegetarians.

Pan Fried Halibut Fillet with Mussel and Dill Sauce-Halibut is a lean, flaky fish with a firm texture with a taste of freshness. Our chef serves it with a sauce made with fresh mussels to bring out its delicate flavors.

Char-Grilled Australian Beef Striploin (10oz) with Grilled Portobello and Special Fries  (additional HK$60)-Our chef has specially chosen Sirloin from Australia for their fine, yet firm texture, which are also rich in flavour. Char-grilled until golden brown, this luscious steak is then served with baked mushroom, and fries with a special spicy salsa sauce. An all-time favorite for steak lovers!

Dessert (Choose one from two)

Chocolate Brownie with Marshmallow and Yoghurt Ice Cream-Three layers of marshmallow, chocolate brownie and yoghurt ice cream served in a martini glass, this is a modern variation to the old-school Baked Alaska. This dessert is definitely one to impress, turning heads each time when it flames at the tableside.

Baked Apple Strudel with Vanilla Gelato-The strudel dough is rolled and baked to order ! Gina apples from Australia are used for this classic dessert, which mixed with cinnamon, raisons and rum to form the filling. It gives a juicy yet crunchy texture on the inside and a crumbly, flaky crust on the outside, the texture and flavours bringing the dessert to another level of enjoyment!

Details of Pierside Bar & Restaurant


Pierside Bar & Restaurant


Upper Lobby, Towers Wing, The Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers,
China Hong Kong City, 33 Canton Road , Tsim Sha Tsui

Reservations and Enquiries

Tel: 2738 2398
Website: www.royalpacific.com.hk


3-course Dinner Set $238 (Service Charge Included )
(Available throughout the entire week, except National Day)
Available from 6pm-11pm

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