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Cultural Calendar

Our insider tips on who’s visiting, what’s happening, and where to go during your Hong Kong visit.

  • Chinese Opera Festival

    Chinese Opera Festival

    A rich cultural tradition, Chinese opera evokes a sense of history and centuries-old traditions. Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Chinese Opera Festival showcases China’s most talented and innovative artists.

    Date: 19 June-2 August 2015

    Time: Various time

    Venue: Various venues

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  • International Arts Carnival

    International Arts Carnival

    The family-friendly Arts Carnival presents an exciting program of world-famous performers and stage acts. From the spectacular Shaanxi Acrobatic Troupe (10-12 July), to the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America, the acts will inspire, surprise and entertain. The lineup includes performers from Australia, France, Spain, Taiwan and the UK as well as local arts groups.

    Date: 10 July-16 August 2015

    Time: Various Times

    Venue: Various Venues

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  • Pulse 3D

    Hong Kong Pulse 3D Light Show

    Enjoy truly magical moments in the form of a spectacular 3D light show with exciting audiovisual effects at the iconic buildings of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and the Clock Tower at Tsim Sha Tsui.

    Date: 17 Jul-2 August 2015

    Time: 8:30pm; 9pm; 9:30pm; 10pm

    Venue: Open Piazza, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui

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  • Mid-Autumn Festival

    Mid-Autumn Festival

    One of the most colourful festivals in Hong Kong, this annual holiday unites families and friends. Steeped in tradition and rich in history, the Mid-Autumn Festival involves lively lantern displays, Fire Dragon dances and the sales of the traditional mooncakes.

    Date: 27 September 2015

    Time: Various Times

    Venue: Various Venues