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ゴールドコースト ウォーター ファン ランド

In order to upkeep the facilities and services for our guests, the Swimming Pools and Gold Coast Water Park will undergo annual maintenance work from 6 January to 27 April 2020 inclusive, during which both facilities will be temporarily closed. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

プールの隣に新しく誕生したゴールドコースト ウォーター ファン ランドは、夏の暑さを吹き飛ばしてくれるウォーターパークです。カラフルなウォータースプレー、タワーシャワー、アクアアーチ、バケツソーカー、フロアファウンテンなど楽しいアトラクションがいっぱいで、ずぶ濡れになって遊べます。




Will I be visiting any cities, areas or countries outside of Hong Kong within the 14 days prior to the first day of my arrival/stay?

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We are closely monitoring the latest global development of COVID-19 to exercise the following guidelines and advices from the local authorities to ensure our guests and colleagues a safe and healthy environment, as the well-being of all at our hotels takes precedence.

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