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“Sweet Mum” Mother’s Day Special

Black Truffle Chocolate Cake  Bird's Nest with Durian Pudding
Black Truffle Chocolate Cake  Bird's Nest with Durian Pudding


City Garden Hotel Presents “Sweet Mum” Mother’s Day Special
with Delectable and Nourishing Desserts

The three well renowned restaurants in City Garden Hotel have thoughtfully tailor made and prepared “Sweet Mum” desserts to spoil all mothers on this coming Mother’s Day.

Between May 7 and 8, each table will be presented with a portion of delectable and nourishing dessert to sweeten our loving mum on these special days - Head chef of Garden Café, Eric Chan with Black Truffle Chocolate Cake; Michelin-starred chef, Lai Ching Sing of YUE with Double-boiled fish maw, red date and lotus seeds in rock sugar; and Satay Inn stages with Bird's Nest with Durian Pudding.

For guests who book for Mother’s Day celebration at either Garden Café “Sweet Mum” Buffet, YUE Mother’s Day Special Menu or Satay Inn, and pre-pay HK$300 before May 5, they will be presented a HK$300 food and beverage coupon.^

Garden Café – Salute to Mum with “Sweet Mum” Buffet
Executive Chef, Eric, has chosen a Black Truffle Chocolate Cake for each table to enjoy a sweet day with mum during Mother’s Day promotion. Over 80 appetising choices are available in the buffet including a sizzling hot steamed seafood tower where guests can enjoy fresh shrimps, clams, scallops and seafood congee. Furthermore, the newly created Desserts Galore showcases more than 50 selections of enticing desserts. Guests’ taste buds can be surprised by Chef Eric’s Wagyu Beef Burger with Fish Maw, this dish is full of protein and collagen, a natural supplement for mum to promoting blood circulation and nourishing her skin. Chef Eric thinks out of the box and deliberately lets go of the usual cooking method of preparing the fish maw, he blends it into the wagyu beef and pan fries it to make into a delicious burger. Crab Meat Salad with Pomelo and Black Garlic is made of hydroponic vegetables that can eliminate fatigue and enhance physical strength, and black garlic is famous for its function on promoting sleepy quality.

7 May, Lunch Buffet Adult HK$308, Child/Senior HK$268; Dinner Buffet Adult HK$598, Child/Senior HK$468
8 May, Lunch Buffet Adult HK$438, Child/Senior HK$338; Dinner Buffet Adult HK$628, Child/Senior HK$478
Enjoy 20% discount off on Mother's Day "Sweet Mum” Buffet, prices are subject to 10% service charge.
Reservations and enquiries, please call 2806 4922

YUE – The Best Michelin-starred Cantonese Cuisine for “Sweet Mum”
Award-winning Chef Lai Ching Sing has tailor made three alluring menus for guests to warm mum’s heart. Mother’s Day 8-course menu for 12 persons includes YUE’s signature dishes, Baked crab shell stuffed with fresh crab meat and onion, fresh crab is lightly covered with cream sauce and onion before bringing it into the oven, making the outer core crispy and tempting; and Smoked chicken with fragrant tea leaves and soy sauce, the soy sauce-seasoned chicken is smoked by longjing tea leaves, allowing one to savour a tint of tea leaves fragrant.

In addition, the 6-course menu features Double-boiled almond soup with fish maw and pig lung. The fish maw is a nourishing food for beautifying skin whereas pig lung is carefully prepared to nourish guests’ lung and bring balance in the body. The 4-course menu is highlighted with Braised whole 5-head abalone and goose web with oyster sauce, the abalone is braised with the best ingredients and goose web is full of collagen. To take care of mum’s sweet tooth, Chef Lai has prepared a portion of Double-boiled fish maw, red date and lotus seeds in rock sugar for each table.

Mother’s Day 8-course Menu for 12 persons HK$6,388
Mother’s Day 6-course Menu HK$3,080
Mother’s Day 4-course Menu HK$688
Available at dinner period on May 1-2; May 7-8. Prices are subject to 10% service charge
Reservations and enquiries, please call 2806 4918

Satay Inn – Authentic Singaporean Delights, the First Choice for “Sweet Mum”

Guests who wish to please their mum’s palate with authentic Singaporean delights, Satay Inn offers the best of it all. Each table will be presented with a set of Bird's Nest with Durian Pudding, it is deliciously infused with juicy durian, and topped with luxurious bird’s nest – a perfect way to finish a heartwarming dinner with mum. Besides, the restaurant’s head chef has especially introduced signature dishes include Cereal butter prawns (HK$318), Pepper crab (from HK$398), Signature hainanese chicken (HK$428), Chicken and pork satay (HK$198 per dozen), would also set the warm and loving tone of the night. Cereal butter prawns is a Singaporean-favourite that deep fries fresh prawns till golden and crispy, followed by mixing in crispy oatmeals and condensed milk.

Prices are subject to 10% service charge
Reservations and enquiries, please call 2806 4938

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Press Enquiries: 
Austin Chiu
2806 4020

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