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Supreme Poon Choy and Pudding Presented by YUE at City Garden Hotel To Celebrate the Year of the Goat


Supreme Poon Choy


Barbecued Sliced Lamb Loin with Mushroom and Pork on Sweet Ginger Tea Jelly

The Michelin-starred YUE at City Garden Hotel presents an array of auspicious specialties to welcome the fresh start of the Year of the Goat. Drawing inspirations from the finest and symbolic ingredients, the Executive Chef team of YUE introduces a delectable selection of Chinese New Year dishes to satisfy the most refined palate.

Supreme Poon Choy
Poon Choy is always a sought-after delicacy for family gathering during Chinese New Year. YUE presents the innovative Supreme Poon Choy (2-dayadvance order recommended), which is a meticulous inclusion of the finest ingredients and award winning dishes such as Braised Whole Abalones, Fish Maw and Sea Cucumber Rolls, Prawns with Vegetable, Bean Curb Sheet stuffed with Bird’s Nest, Barbecued Lamb Loin, Dried Oyster and Steamed Egg White and Chicken with Shrimp Paste.

Beetroot Pudding and Mixed Mushroom
Pudding A wholesome and creative Beetroot Pudding, comprising beetroot juice and puree, shines with a festive red colour. It is soft in texture and tastes lightly sweet. The Mixed Mushroom Pudding made of Morchella and Himematsutake, along with 500g of shredded Turnip, is surprisingly aromatic. New Year Pudding and Supreme Turnip Pudding are available for orders between 19 January and 14 February. For purchases of two boxes or above can entitle to a 15% discount; orders of 11 boxes or above will receive a 25% discount.

The Executive Chef and his team at YUE have deftly combined traditional ingredients with modern cooking techniques in creating innovative Cantonese cuisine. Barbecued Lamb Loin with Honey Glaze is a reference to the traditional Chinese barbecued Pork. The succulent lamb loin is skewered and roasted for an enticing taste.

Braised Lamb Shank with White Radish and Onion in Clay Pot – Lamb Shank are seasoned with Chinese, Japanese and European flavours. The tender meat is infused with special sauces combined with Mirin, Teriyaki Sauce, Japanese Soy Sauce and Wine, and served with Assorted Vegetables, Leek, Spring Onion and Garlic. The sauce is well-balanced and alluring, blending perfectly to articulate the taste profile.

Barbecued Sliced Lamb Loin with Mushroom and Pork on Sweet Ginger Tea Jelly – Adding a new idea to a traditional Cantonese cuisine, Roasted Lamb Loin slice is adopted to replace Chicken Liver, topped with Mushroom and Pork. The addition of Ginger Tea Jelly gives a sweet aftertaste with a subtle spicy flavour at first bite. n.


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