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Celebrate the Year of the Pig with Auspicious Delicacies at City Garden Hotel’s Chinese restaurant YUÈ

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(Hong Kong, 8 January, 2019) Pig symbolises wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture. City Garden Hotel’s Chinese restaurant YUÈ, a one Michelin-starred restaurant from 2012-2016, will launch an array of auspicious specialities* crafted with different kinds of remarkable European, American and Japanese pork and other luxurious ingredients from 5 to 19 February 2019, to ensure guests a sumptuous reunion dinner with friends and family.

Chinese New Year Dishes

Chinese New Year Dishes

Barbecued Spanish Iberico Pork with Mullet Roe on Ginger Jelly (HK$128 per piece, minimum order of 2 pieces)Giving a delightful twist on the classic delicacy, “Gold Coin Chicken”, Executive Chinese Chef Lai substitutes the chicken liver with a thick piece of Taiwanese mullet roe and a slice of crystal clear "cold meat" which is frozen pork fat that is marinated in Chinese liquor and sugar for days, before roasting it on a skewer with Spanish Iberico pork. Serving on a bed of ginger jelly, this delectable treat is a mouthful of complimenting textures and flavours - crunchy and smooth, sweet and slightly salty, intensely aromatic and rich - balanced with subtle fragrance and refreshingness from the ginger jelly.

Pan-fried Sea Cucumber Stuffed with U.S. Organic Pork (HK$188 per piece, minimum order of 2 pieces)
A tasty creation from Chef Lai where he stuffs the steamed South American sea cucumber with minced U.S. organic pork, conpoy and mushrooms before pan-frying it. Paired with a thick abalone sauce spiked with hua diao wine for a sweet floral note, this exquisite dish is cleanly flavoured and beautifully executed, encompassing everything we appreciate in refined Cantonese cuisine as well as showcasing Chef Lai’s impressive skills.

Steamed Turnip Ball with Minced Mangalica Pork (HK$68 per piece, minimum order of 2 pieces)
Regarded as a fine ingredient, Mangalica pork is famous for its juicy marbled meat. Chef Lai incorporates this first-class ingredient with shredded turnip, dried shrimp, Chinese celery and chive. Shaped like a pearl, this light treat offers a visually arresting presentation and fabulous taste.

Braised Sliced Abalone rolled with Miyazaki Pork Belly (HK$108 per piece, minimum order of 2 pieces)
This delicate, aromatic dish is exceptional with its indulgent contrast of two simple yet premium ingredients, abalone and Japanese Miyazaki pork belly, that are pulled together with the enticing abalone sauce.

Deep-fried Scallops with Minced Spanish Iberico Pork, Yunnan Ham and Fresh Pear (HK$68 per piece, minimum order of 2 pieces)
Drawing inspiration from another traditional classic, “Crispy Scallop with Shrimp Paste and Fresh Pear”, Chef Lai has recreated it using Spanish Iberico pork which is sandwiched between a slice of fresh pear and a scallop, adding complexity to the hearty dish. Fried golden crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, this revamped delicacy is unforgettable.

Honey-glazed Barbecued Miyazaki Pork (HK$268)
YUÈ's Honey-glazed Barbecued Pork has always been a favourite among epicureans and food lovers. The taste of this classic dish is elevated with the use of Miyazaki pork and the sublime skill of the chef which result in melt-in-your-mouth texture and crisp, deeply caramelized exterior, making the succulent treat outstanding.

Fortune Chicken (HK$988)**symbolises fortune, luck and prosperity. Chef Lai has thoughtfully prepared the sumptuous chicken with luxurious ingredients like South African dried abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, conpoy, dried oyster, dried tendons, chestnuts and Shiitake mushrooms. The chicken is marinated in a homemade seasoning for six hours, then stuffed with pan-fried spring onion, ginger and a special sauce from stewed abalone for an irresistible flavour. The chicken is wrapped in layers of lotus leaves and flour dough and the ensemble is baked for 2 hours. Guests can knock open the freshly baked bread crust with a wooden mallet and unveil each layer to enjoy the luscious ingredients.

Fortune Chicken

Fortune Chicken

Chinese New Year Puddings
YUÈ is debuting “Yuzu and Custard Pudding” (HK$199) exclusively for this year. Glows with a festive golden-yellow colour, the combination of the citrus fruit's refreshingness and the custard's delicate sweetness makes this pudding a pleasing celebratory treat.

Yuzu and Custard Pudding

In addition to the traditional “New Year Pudding” (HK$198), the acclaimed “Supreme Turnip Pudding” (HK$298) and “Mixed Mushroom Turnip Pudding” (HK$268) are also making the return. The former is absolutely delicious as this traditional treat is packed with flavoursome air-dried meat and carefully selected Yunnam ham, conpoy and dried Shiitake mushrooms; whereas the latter is made with morel and agaricus mushrooms, remains as a popular pudding for vegetarians.

These exquisite puddings are perfect gifts for family, friends and business partners. Guests can enjoy a 10% discount on orders of 3 to 4 boxes, and 15% off for 5 boxes or more.

Booking & Enquiries: 2806 4918 or email to
*Available from 5 to 19 February. Prices are subject to 10% service charge.

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About YUÈ

City Garden Hotel’s award-winning YUÈ offers a modern twist on time-honoured Cantonese cuisine in an elegant setting. Characterised by a mainly cream palette complemented with timber floors and walnut walls, YUÈ features a lively banquet room and intimate booth seating perfect for business lunches or special occasions.

Lauded by Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Best of the Best Culinary Award, YUÈ’s signature dishes - Seared Star Garoupa Fillet with Fish Maw on Egg White with Truffle Sauce; and Steamed Minced Meat with Foie Gras and Scallops received the Gold with Distinction Award in 2010 and 2015 respectively.

1/F, City Garden Hotel
Telephone:2806 4918

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About City Garden Hotel

City Garden Hotel is ideal for both business and leisure travellers, being in close proximity to the vibrant retail and dining hub of Causeway Bay. With Fortress Hill Station within a 5-minute stroll, guests enjoy easy access to Hong Kong’s must-see tourist destinations and business hubs.

TThe hotel provides 609 rooms and suites measuring up to 600 sq. ft, along with a smoke-free environment, complimentary Wi-Fi, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Catering to casual diners and connoisseurs, the City Garden restaurants offer authentic Cantonese fare, international cuisine, and Singapore favourites, as well as warm and attentive service. In addition to the award-winning restaurant, YUÈ, one of the most sought-after Chinese restaurants in the district, the Garden Café attracts food lovers with its international buffets and craft beers, while the Satay Inn delivers time-honoured, authentic Singaporean dishes.

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