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Step into Chocolate Rain’s Magic Black Forest at City Garden Hotel

Magic Dessert Island  Treasure Box
Magic Dessert Island  Treasure Box


Step into Chocolate Rain’s Magic Black Forest at City Garden Hotel
Garden Café re-creates Chocolate Rain’s
latest fantasy as a collection of exciting summer dessert

Working in collaboration with Hong Kong design brand Chocolate Rain, City Garden Hotel has created a collection of exciting summer desserts inspired by Chocolate Rain’s latest fantasy book “Magic Black Forest” (魔法黑森林).

The second book of the series, “Magic Black Forest” chronicles the adventures of Fatina Dreams and her friends in their quest to rescue her hometown of Mushroomland from an environmental catastrophe.

City Garden Hotel aims to foster creativity and to promote local artists, this year they have teamed up with award-winning local designer and founder of Chocolate Rain, Prudence Mak. Using their latest book as a blueprint, the chefs has transformed the story into a collection of creative desserts, thus bringing the story to life.

Drawn from the story’s iconic scenes, the talented chefs at Garden Café has experimented with various ingredients in order to faithfully re-create a series of beautiful afternoon tea confections. The first is modeled after Fatina’s red-roofed house on Mushroom land: the Magic Mushroom House (HK$98) is a custard-filled, colourful cupcake set-piece with a roof painted with strawberry, and banana oil.

The Chocolate Rain Forest (HK$108) is where Fatina and her friends discover the secret to rescue Mushroomland. Layers of chocolate sponge cake are filled with whipped cream, blueberry jam and maraschino cherries in this delicious Black Forest cake. The cake is laid on a bed of fragrant pistachio crumble, topped with dark chocolate shavings while a rice-paper butterfly delicately rests on the tree trunk. This gateau is prepared without the traditional liqueur making it a perfect treat for the whole family.

During her adventures, Fatina receives a mysterious treasure box from the Mother Squirrel that magically fills her with the strength to carry on with her journey. The chefs’ at Garden Café has recreated this magic lunchbox using with freshly cut bananas, candied walnuts and filled with a special custard made from steamed condensed milk. It is neatly bundled together with a paper-thin pancake and tied with a string made from coca cola gummy. The Treasure Box is available for (HK98).

In the story, the cloud ladders enables Fatina to climb the tallest mountains. The chefs has re-interpreted this dessert with Rainbow in the Sky (HK$108). Sea buckthorn berries, lychee and cucumber panna cotta are layered on top each other for a multi-flavoured experience with every spoonful. A cloud made from cotton candy with a sprinkling of mini star candies and a chocolate ladder rests gently on the mixed berry compote.

Families and friends who would like to experience all four desserts can order the Magic Dessert Island for HK$350.

Each dessert is accompanied by Fatina or her many animal companions, printed on white chocolate using edible ink.

Customers can receive an exclusive one-time 15% discount on the Chocolate Rain desserts by purchasing the Magic Black Forest (魔法黑森林) story book from Chocolate Rain’s stores in Soho and Kwai Chung and presenting the receipt when placing the order.

Customers can also receive a 15% discount with a minimum spend of HK$200 at Chocolate Rain’s stores in Soho and Kwai Chung by purchasing the Chocolate Rain desserts at City Garden Hotel’s Garden Café and presenting the receipt upon payment.

Terms and Conditions apply. Discount offers are valid until 30 June, 2017.

Prices are subject to 10% service charge.
For reservations and enquiries, please call 2806 4938.

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