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Grand Opening of Satay Inn Revives Appetites for Singaporean and Malaysian Culinary Delights

Pepper LobsterSatays
Pepper LobsterSatays


(Hong Kong, 9 January 2014) City Garden Hotel on Hong Kong Island proudly announces the opening of Satay Inn on 14 January, embracing Chinese New Year, and bringing back time-honoured Singaporean and Malaysian favorites that foodies and celebrities have enjoyed over the years.Together with two other branches at The Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers and Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel, Satay Inn has garnered an excellent reputation for presenting quality authentic Singaporean cuisine.

Chef’s Recommendation

To celebrate the opening, Satay Inn presents some new festive additions to the menu. Chef and his team have deftly combined traditional ingredients with modern cooking techniques to create innovative interpretations of Singaporean dishes. These include: Pepper Lobster, Sambal Selasih Goring, Belachan Goreng Ikan Siakap, Rusuk Babi Panggang and Sautéed Sambal Belachan Goreng Kacang Panjang,

Pepper Lobster

-May your wealth be plentiful

An intriguing twist on the renowned Singaporean dish, lobster is used instead of crab to prepare this exciting plate of flavours using thick black pepper gravy. Locals and visitors alike prefer the Pepper Lobster because of its dry and fragrant pepper character.

Sambal Selasih Goring

-May you realise your ambitions

Goring are large clams that are stir-fried with Sambal or chilli paste, evoking aromas of onions and garlic, making it a spicy treat. The addition of Selasih has an initial subtle peppery then a slightly sweet flavour.

Belachan Goreng Ikan Siakap

-May your have a year of surpluses

Barramundi or Ikan Siakap is stir-fried, making it crispy on the outside, but the meat is tender. It is accompanied by a savoury sauce made from prawn paste, onion and chili powder which is then garnished with chilli slices to create a bouquet of aromas. Lime is a topping giving the dish an extra zing and tanginess.

Rusuk Babi Panggang

-May good things come to you in multiples

Rusuk Babi are barbecued ribs seasoned with salt and pepper. The sweet, tender meat is infused with a several spices combined with the barbecued flavour, and served with fresh lettuce and cucumber. The sauce is well-balanced to enhance the smoky taste.

Sautéed Sambal Belachan Goreng Kacang Panjang

-May your happiness and longevity be complete

Chinese long beans called Kacang Panjang are a healthy choice. Sambal here is prepared with a versatile chili paste blended with spices, shallots, candlenuts and often Belachan (shrimp paste). The beans have a clean taste and are refreshingly light.

The Tasting Menu#

During Chinese New Year, Satay Inn at City Garden Hotel presents a tasting menu featuring the restaurant’s signature dishes to wish you a prosperous year ahead. The Tasting Journey begins by whetting the appetite with spicy bite-sized Satay, followed by tantalizing Signature Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Next on the tasting menu are such well-loved original Singaporean dishes as Bak Kut Teh and Fried Carrot Cake. The culinary tour ends on a sweet note with the heavenly Gula Melaka. The Tasting Menu is priced at HK$228* per person.

Yu Sheng Lo Hei#

Lo Hei, a Teochew-Style salad, is the highlight of Chinese New Year at Satay Inn. It consists of various slices of raw fish, mixed with shredded vegetables and various sauces and condiments like carrots, crisps, plum sauce, lime and white sesame seeds. People around the table toss the salad with applause, saying “Lo Hei”, commonly combined with its homophone meaning an increase in abundance and a symbol of vigor.

A complimentary drink is served to every customer during lunch hour at Satay Inn at City Garden Hotel. Facebook fans can also receive three skewers of Kurobuta Pork Satay or a Mini Yu Sheng Lo Hei during Lunar New Year.# Find out more details at our Facebook page CityGardenHotelHK.

For reservations and enquiries, please call 2806 4938

* All prices are subject to 10% service charge

# Promotional items are only applicable to promotional period (14 January to 16 March 2014)


Satay Inn Flagship
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