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YUÈ showcases its Exquisite Creations to Celebrate the Prosperous Year of the Rooster

Chestnut Flavoured Chinese New Year Pudding  Yue's Fortune Chicken
Chestnut Flavoured Chinese New Year Pudding  Yue's Fortune Chicken


Innovative Chestnut Flavoured Chinese New Year Pudding

and YUÈ’s Fortune Chicken

Chef Lai Ching Shing and his team at YUÈ of City Garden Hotel are constantly innovating to impress guests with their finest culinary creations and Chinese New Year dishes. To welcome the Year of the Rooster, the team has created a selection of auspicious dishes including: Chestnut Flavoured Chinese New Year Pudding, YUÈ’s Fortune Chicken, Gold Coin Chicken with Foie Gras, and Smoked Karasumi in Chicken Roll, while Traditional Chinese New Year Pudding with Coconut Juice, Fresh Turnip Pudding with Air-dried Meat, and Fresh Turnip Pudding with Morel and Agaricus Mushrooms, continue to please discerning palates with their impeccable tastes. The new dishes are available starting 15 December 2016.

This year, YUÈ is introducing the Chestnut Flavoured Chinese New Year Pudding (HK$238). Created with an abundance of diced Tianjin chestnuts and silky smooth chestnut paste, this pudding is an expected favourite among chestnut lovers. Making its return is the critically acclaimed Traditional Chinese New Year Pudding with Coconut Juice, on offer at HK$188.

Fresh Turnip Pudding with Air-dried Meat (HK$288) is absolutely delicious as a traditional bite with flavoursome air-dried meat and carefully selected Yunnam ham, dried conpoy and dried Shiitake mushrooms; whereas Fresh Turnip Pudding with Morel and Agaricus Mushrooms (HK$268) remains as a favourite pudding for vegetarians.

Complement the Fresh Turnip Puddings with YUÈ’s home-made XO Sauce to enjoy the exquisite taste at its best, priced at HK$228 per bottle (190g).

The meticulously-prepared puddings are perfect and scrumptious gifts for family, friends and business partners. Guests can enjoy a 15% discount for orders of three boxes or more between now and 16 January 2017. Call 2806 4918 to order yours today.

Lunar New Year Dishes - YUÈ’s Fortune Chicken (HK$888)* symbolises fortune, luck and prosperity throughout the Year of the Rooster. Chef Lai has thoughtfully prepared the sumptuous chicken with luxurious ingredients like South African dried abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, dried conpoy, dried oyster, dried tendons, chestnuts and Shiitake mushrooms. The chicken is marinated in a homemade seasoning for six hours, then stuffed with pan-fried spring onion, ginger and a special sauce from stewed abalone for an irresistible flavour. The chicken is wrapped in layers of lotus leaves and flour dough and the ensemble is baked in 220 degrees for 120 minutes. Guests can knock open the freshly baked bread crust with a wooden mallet and unveil each layer to enjoy the luscious ingredients.

* Two days advance order is required for dine-in or take-away. Available while stock lasts.

Gold Coin Chicken with Foie Gras is a tradition dish with a delightful twist by replacing chicken liver with foie gras (HK$88 per piece, with a minimum order of four pieces). First of all, fatty pork is frozen and thinly sliced, then soaked in Mei Gui Lu (rose liquor) and coated with sugar to marinate for 24 hours. Separately, thinly-sliced premium pork is marinated in ginger juice and barbecue sauce for four hours. They are afterwards roasted on a skewer and coated with malt sugar. Once roasted, the Gold Coin Chicken is placed on a bed of refreshing ginger jelly made of finely grinded and filtered ginger juice, a true feast for the senses.

Smoked Karasumi in Chicken Roll (HK$338 for six pieces)
After being marinated, the luxurious smoked karasumi is rolled in a thin paper made from minced-chicken, squid paste and egg white, and steamed until cooked. Last but not least, Long Jing, Pu-erh tea leaves and brown sugar are added to accentuate the smoky flavour. This dish is best enjoyed when paired with Chinese green onion and fresh pear.
Furthermore, YUÈ will feature a host of auspicious dim sum to celebrate the Chinese New Year, including Steamed Pig Knuckles with Preserved Bean Curd Paste, Steamed Bun with Maca and Chicken Broth, Steamed Dumplings with Scallop and Beetroot, Deep-fried Shrimps rolled with noodles, Steamed Minced Pork topped with Pig Tongue and Dried Oyster, Steamed Beancurd Stuffed with Assorted Mushrooms and Vegetables, Steamed Bun Stuffed with Pork Belly and Preserved Vegetables, Steamed Flour Roll with Bamboo Pith and Fungus and more.

All prices are subject to 10% service charge (except for Chinese New Year puddings)

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