Environmental Management

Embark on a Green Journey

The Group is well aware of the importance of environmental management and sustainable  development and is devoted to reduce its ecological footprint throughout its operations. Under its environmental policy, the Group pledges to:
  • proactively cultivate a culture of environmental sustainability among the guests, staff and business partners and join hands with them to involve in green initiatives;• spread the message of environmental protection through determination to achieve energy conservation, waste minimization and pollution prevention;
  • implement and regularly review its environmental measures to ensure effectiveness and advocating sustainable green living; and
  • manage and oversee its hotels to ensure full compliance with applicable legislation in relation to environmental protection.
By adhering to the environmental policy, the Group affirms its commitment to improving and maintaining high standards of environmental protection. The Group endeavours to reduce energy consumption, control greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions, mitigate water pollution, enhance waste management and minimize food wastage in promoting low carbon living and green corporate culture.
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