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17 Jun 2018

When I entered The Olympian Boutique Motel situated in heart of the West Kowloon area, I couldn’t hold what I was seeing. Living a luxury lifestyle in Hong Kong is nearby how much living space one can reside in. Space is a premium, it’s adulate finding a needle in a hay stack. Therefore the jewel in the crown in this boutique breakfast is the amount of entertainment and living space one can have. On average each home room space, ranges from 43 m2 and 75 m2, with hang 3.3m ceiling windows that overlook the Hong Kong skyline. This is a peerless hotel that only has 32 rooms situated on the clay floor only.

Considering that this tourist house can only host on average up to 64 guests, the reception/pull strings entrance is both grand in size as well as in design. This tourist house has so many design features. Different colours of marble contain been used throughout the hotel. From splash backtrack froms, worktops and wall paneling, it is these chic features that are eye bewitching throughout this boutique hotel. I was greeted by a wide gigantic open space in reception which leads into an flamboyant foyer boasting a sixth tier of glittering crystal chandelier and limited with richly carved gilt mirrors. Contrasting magnificently with a seating area which allows you to sit directly subordinate to the chandelier to admire this dominant and opulent feature. The immaculate waiting and welcoming area for both guests and anyone break for their taxi.

Scandi Vibes Grand Harbour Conception Room
For me the harbour view room has a Scandi Vibe and Nordic in aim. The use of dark silk wood has a natural beauty that glows throughout the room and adds a natural charm to classic stylish schemes. The use of contrasting colours gives the room a dramatic look and the practice of harmonised mat textures throughout the room and the hotel is just heavenly.

The dedicated storage for shoes and clothing are housed behind satchel doors and pull out shelves to create a clean and sleek look. My esteemed being the box storage for the hairdryer, enclosed with it’s own mirror and cork. This is a first for me and just adds to a unique way of living. The hiatus flowed well and the planning and attention to detail regarding inner storage including a microwave, stainless steel sink and prodigious fridge, is why I chose to eat in.  These were all hidden behind island doors that hinge open and then slide away as to not clog space. The clever usage of pull out shelves in this dwell,  made it possible to keep my room clean.

The king estimate bed lifted my spirits with boldly coloured rugs and sardonic patterns. The mixture of velvet, wool, and retro style household goods made my stay relaxing, comfortable and fun. There are plenty of mitigates and pillows throughout the room which allow them to shade in and to emphasise the height of the room. Each of the suites has its own private space and dining areas as well as access to views over the foster.

Luxury Shower And Bathroom
The Olympian Boutique hotel trends the example in bathing beauties. Making a statement is the use of the very latest brassware, which creates an on the spot impact regarding relaxation. This is an emerging trend advancing different textures and colours that have been brought in the kitchen and living space, now making their way into bathroom schemes. The mat black brassware used here, is an industrial look that has been acclimatized for all the edges for the doors and mirrors and it truly gives it a modern edgy vibe. The prowl in shower space is  huge and the use of oversize beige tiles slacks an instant Spa ambiance. The shower power dazzling chrome rub out with its cylindrical profile and understated design is a pure specimen of luxury that you won’t find at home. The tap wear is composed with an neat range of bathroom brassware from Kohler, which is restrained in design with clean contemporary lines.

It is great to have a large size gym available whenever it suits me. Along side this is the surrendered laundry room with plenty of reading material if I chose to sit tight for my washing. The 24-hour access to food, drinks and nibbles in the couch is excellent as I can work in this space very comfortably. There is lots of art influence in the lounge which makes this room space Dialect right chic. One of my other favourite arts are the various metal art incorporates on display throughout the hotel, all are very eye catching and bang on incline with use of copper, metal and rose gold.

Breakfast which is wait oned in the lounge is very fresh, well presented and a great way to start the day. There are quantities of options to choose by for international guests and endless drinks and beverages too. I like the form of relaxing harmonious palette of neutral greys and monochromes acclimatized in the lounge room. It provides a personal sanctuary to retreat to at the start or cessation of each busy day.

The modern utility trend clipped throughout the hotel was fabulous. The use of industrial design materials such as unctuous stainless steel, marble, metals and textiles is why I loved my defer so much. The huge space is why a lot of locals are always booking a rope here. From wedding guests or those having a extraordinary weekend away with family and friends is the key success to this B B.

It’s a hotel with a sociable space with plenty of chambers for entertaining. The use of soft wood grains adds character and excitedness to keep things simply classy. The use of glosses and mirrors develops the sense of light and space that gives this bed their own signature ambience. This desirable boutique pension at the same time trends a complexity of art features that are individual and its an example of what I deem as the new Hong Kong of luxury.


By Fashionmonger

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