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“Christmas Funtasia” at City Garden Hotel’s Garden Café

(Hong Kong, 16 November, 2018) Christmas is a season of sharing, indulgence and joy with your loved ones. Gather your family and friends to enjoy Garden Café’s scrumptious “Christmas Funtasia” dinner buffet from 14 December 2018 to 1 January 2019, featuring a wide selection of goodies including Turkey with Molten Gruyère Cheese, Chinese and Western delicacies, barbecued dishes, seafood on ice and an abundance of delightful desserts. Guests can unleash their creativity to create their own unique “Giant Mix n’ Match Dessert Cup” which they can share with their loved ones on social media. The cosy restaurant will also transform into a game arcade by providing different games during the meal to bring more fun to enhance the holiday spirit! Dinner buffet prices start from HK$548 per adult.

“Christmas Funtasia” dinner buffet will not only bring you a delectable fare, but also great fun that will put you in the festive mood. Here are three tips for you to fully indulge in the dinner buffet:
1. Make a reservation and pay deposit to take part in the “Giant Mix n’ Match Dessert Cup” making session. Limited to one per table and only 10 cups are available each night on a first-booked, first-served basis.
2. Capture your joyous moments at the “game arcade” and share them on social media.
3. Savour every bite and flavour of our festive treats for a worthwhile indulgence.

Tip 1: “Create your own Giant Mix n’ Match Dessert Cup” for a memorable celebration
Be an innovative chef for one night and create your unique “Giant Mix n’ Match Dessert Cup”! Topping the light raspberry jellies with different layers of mousses and chocolate cookie crumbs, guests can finish decorating their “masterpieces” with colourful toppings before relishing them with loved ones. Guests making a reservation and paying a deposit will get a chance to join this session. Only 10 cups are available each night, so be sure to book your session well ahead before it’s gone!

Tip 2: Create and Capture Moments at “Game Arcade”
Garden Café will transform into a “game arcade” that will evoke nostalgic childhood memories where guests can experience an evening filled with laughter by engaging in exciting board games provided during mealtimes. The outdoor space of the lobby will also be decorated with huge arcade décors, making it a hotspot for photo taking and selfie!

Tip 3: Sample Every Festive Treat
Must-eat Desserts
Feel the merry holiday spirit with an array of desserts, including the seasonal Christmas Croquembouche, Cranberry and Gingerbread Mousse, Pecan Tarts and Crunchy Honeycomb Cake. The Jenga-like Christmas Croquembouche is loaded with crispy cream puffs; the light Cranberry and Gingerbread Mousse offers the perfect balance of sweetness and sourness; the nutty Pecan Tarts are made from flavourful American pecans and golden syrup while the Crunchy Honeycomb Cake resembles a snowy Christmas wonderland. Other festive desserts are also in order with celebrated varieties such as panettone, raspberry opera cake, and stollens among the selection of sweets. Ice cream lovers can indulge in Häagen-Dazs’ two new seasonal flavours: cream cheese mochi and tiramisu mochi.

Delicious Holiday Specials
Turkey is the star of the Christmas season, and the Executive Chef’s Turkey with Molten Gruyère Cheese is not to be missed! With hot cheese, chestnuts and duck liver stuffed in the tenderest turkey, the popular Turkey with Molten Gruyère Cheese is a feast to the eyes and palate. Each diner will also receive half piece of Baked Lobster with Cheese on selected days.

Other highlights include Turkey, Green Apple and Pomegranate Salad, Mixed Seafood Salad with Spicy Avocado and Salmon Roe, Pan-fried Australian Wagyu Beef and Grilled Lamb Rack.
Christmas Carol Singing
Christmas carol singing will return on Christmas Eve (Monday, 24 December) at 7:15pm.

Operation Santa Claus
Join hands with us to support Operation Santa Claus 2018 organised by the South China Morning Post and Radio Television Hong Kong. This year, Sino Hotels will arrange Christmas Charity Sales of festive gifts and raffle tickets, benefiting 13 charities over the causes of Children & Youth, Community, Elderly, Medical and Differently-abled members.


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